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Super G+ combo AZ 7 INCH

Super G+ combo AZ 7 INCH

Want a 7 inch cruizing Drone to dive those mountains and sail the deaerts of Arabia than the Supger + Combo is the right pick for you! made of high quality carbon this easy to assemble kit will get you flying in no time. 


Frame: 399 Super G + 7"

Motors: T-Motor F90 1300KV

Camera: Foxeer Predator v5 Micro (color may very)

Antenna: Foxeer

VTX: TBS pro32 HV 

Flight Controller: Mamba MK3 F7 (latest from Diatone)

ESC: Mamba 50 Amp (Power!) 

RX: TBS Nano crossfire with immortal T antenna 


    485٫99$ سعر عادي
    479٫99$سعر البيع
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